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Biotin 10,000 mcg

When clients have issues such as vitamin d deficiencies, Crohn’s disease, thyroid, lupus, various medications and to say this bluntly anything abnormal going on internal. That means the hair needs some type of added support. The body must be tended to regularly we expect the hair to take care of itself and assume that tending to thr health of the hair directly. The only way to find out what is going on with the hair factually are test done by a dermatologist. No guessing. Test. Bloodwork and a sample of the hair. 


Sew-ins, braids, quick weaves and extensions are not made to apply to chemical treated hair. I see more issues of this concept. Stylist stretching out relaxers to fit what they want. People putting wigs n extensions on color treated hair. Quick weave on edges and on top of natural hair making the hair in a stage where the client is embarrassed. Just know this following the natural habitat of the hair has enough issues with maintaining a healthy body and taking the hair out of its natural state. I only sell products that are already on the market. I am a haircolorist. I had years of figuring this out and now I’m ready to share. 

Knowing about the value of Silkpress with amino acids

There is a significant value of knowing the difference between the Silkpress with a additive. Totally worth it. The amino acid protein that is used helps protect the hair against the heat. A layer of protection applied onto the hair that last up to 2 weeks.

Especially against humidity. Most salons do the add on at a price. I do not currently but 2020 I will start. I love the seal of the cuticle . I love pretecting the hair.

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