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HairTech Studio 

The best at home treatment 

Olaplex is needed now more than ever.  I love healthy hair. This is a Olaplex salon. To read more on this awesome product

HairTech Studio 

I am a balayage artist. Graduate of Sunlight Balayage lightener. I always keep continuing education as a main focus in my career. Growing hair and coloring hair are gifts I am happy to share.  Do what you love and never work a day in your life. I enjoy hair. I have been doing hair for 12 years. Through my experiences I have knowledge from a lot of different areas including being raised by a lab technician.  

Now that I have settled into the educating community my clients are super important. So important that I must require that you make sure that you medical issues are spoken truthful with me. I will do a client consultation on all chemicals and if you have any deficiencies they must be tended to immediately.

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